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“Residente de Inmobiliaria” Status in Cuba

The status of “residente de inmobiliaria” or “residente inmobiliario” in Cuba is obtained through the purchase of a property in a “real estate complex built and managed by an authorized Cuban entity.” (Inmobiliaria). This process does not require any specific prior immigration category and grants a special residency status recognized by the Cuban government.

The legal foundation for this status is anchored in Law 118, the Foreign Investment Law enacted on March 29, 2014. This law allows foreign investors to invest in real estate and obtain ownership or other real rights. Foreign investors can use these properties for residential purposes or tourism, among other uses. According to Article 17 of Law 118, a foreign investor has the right to invest in real estate and secure property ownership in complexes managed by authorized Cuban entities.

Following this framework, the implementation of the “residente de inmobiliaria” status is regulated by Resolutions 4 and 47, issued on May 26, 2014, by the Ministries of Tourism and Interior of the Cuban Government. These resolutions outline the procedure for approving residency applications for foreigners or stateless persons who are property owners or tenants in Cuba, as well as for their foreign family members.

The process of obtaining “residente de inmobiliaria” status begins with the purchase of a property in a “real estate complex built and managed by an authorized Cuban entity.” Immediately after the purchase, the foreign buyer must apply for the “residente de inmobiliaria” status. This application is submitted to the director of the entity managing the real estate complex, who then forwards it, along with the required documentation, to the Ministry of Tourism’s Office of Procedures. The office is mandated to make a decision within five working days.

Referenced Laws

Law NumberDescription
Law 118Foreign Investment Law allowing foreign investors to invest in real estate.
(download here)
Resolution 4 (2014)Regulates the approval process for residency applications for foreign property owners and their families.
(download here)
Resolution 47 (2014)Details the procedure for granting “residente de inmobiliaria” status to foreign property buyers in specific real estate developments.
(download here)