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For a few years in the early 1990 Cuban law permitted the construction of condominium style buildings (inmobiliarias) where foreigners could buy an apartment.  Those who bought these are now able to sell them to other foreigners who are not residents in Cuba. It is therefore possible for foreign investors to buy Real Estate in Cuba by buying directly from one of the current foreigners who owns a home or an apartment in Cuba. The visa category, “Real Estate Resident” (Residente de Inmobiliaria) is now officially listed along with other types of visas that incoming foreigners can apply for which allows for foreigners to permanently live in Cuba with unrestricted number of entries and exits to the Country. Cuba has opened the doors to investment property with the approval of a new immigration law granting residency to foreign owners and lessees of property in the country.

This is a way  according to current legislation, how a non Cuban resident can buy a home or invest in the Cuban real estate market. 

Since these laws are not documented on the internet we can put you in touch with specialised lawyers in Cuba who can inform you on current legislation and lead your through the actual process of purchasing property.


Real estate for foreigners in Cuba is not a large volume business. Each case is different and needs corresponding actions. Write to us about your interests and needs and we will put you in touch with a person who can show you the property, with the owners to negotiate the conditions, or with lawyers for legal advice and guidance.


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